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Crowd Valuation Template

Crowd Valuations are CommonWealth Pools to Develop Social Entrepreneurship Inventions

Pre-launch Rounds

  • Round 1 – First $10,000 receives 2,000,000 Porteage for 2% of total available 100,000,000 Gift Currents at a price of 0.5 cents each. These are redeemable for 50 Gift Currents measured with Millaurum. I will be repeating this for each rounds to see reValuation.
  • Round 2 – Next $40,000 receives 2,000,000 GiftCurrents for 4% of total available 100,000,000 Gift Currents at a price of 1 cent each These are redeemable for 100 Gift Currents measured with Millaurum.

4,000,000 Crowd Valuation Giftcurrents of total 100,000,000

Total $50,000 for 6,000,000 – 6% of Royalty Pool

 Also Crowd Valuation Royalty Pool 10% for Development Supporters

Each Crowd Valuation Portex will have an unique shop-gate for funding Portex development. 

Simply purchasing or offering products, opportunities, software, knowledge, consulting invitations and services ranging from a few to thousands of dollars. Percentage goes to the supplier and the remainder is used for the development of the Portex.  

They are held as value denominated in Gift Currents that increases in value for each round. This is gamified with bounty incentives and other growth hacks for more viral engagement.

Our Holomid can offer everything to our valuating supporters everywhere along with decentralized genichain benefits distribution.

 Price is adjustable with multiple price points, pay more for more Porteages.  

Porteages are rewards that become wealth generators.

Each of the unique crowd-valuation campaigns is designed to raise $81,890,000 through 12 Rounds for 46% plus bonuses distribution of total Porteage Issue. 

Funds are used expressly to manifest the Portex objectives.

Each of the Portexes issue 100,000,000 Portex Agencies or Porteages.  

100% raised is used for development. As developmental plans are addressed and activated, Funds received are released being held through the Holo’escrow Trust Portex 

When the 12 rounds are completed that portex will have a projected value or worth of $1,000,000,000. 

We issue for each round or cycle 4,000,000 tokens, (4% of total). Price for a Porteage doubles each round. See chart below.

Rounds enter continually into the queue: When near the end of a round interest should increase. Each new round, pricing adjusts automatically with a waiting period between rounds to make sure all registers are balanced and reconciled.

Percentage are distributed as bonuses as outlined in section on bonuses so the total amount of porteages issued will be greater than 46%. Bonus Fund Disbursements are for Joint Cooperatives Contributors.


20 Percent of the Porteage are issued to Founders. (20,000,000)

Each round valuator is returned 100% out of the round after the next and the one after that, split 50%/50%.

Round 2 raise is 40K……. Round three 80K $200 Round 4 is 160K $400 and round 5 is 320,000. $800 20K is deducted from 160K and 20K is deducted from 320,000.

Round 3 is 80K round 5 is 320K and round 6 is 640K. 40K is deducted from round 5 as is 20K from the previous round and 40K is deducted from 640,000. 

Bye RoundRewardsValuation Per Porteage# issued out of 100,000,000 Total PorteagePercentage of  100% of the Pool DistributionAmount Round RaiseRunning Total  including reimburse-ments Schedule
Initial  Round 1.5 cents .05 Porteage 200 per $12,000,000 Porteages2.00%$10,000$10,000
  Pre Launch Round 2$.014,000,000  Porteages  – = 40,000 Giftcurrents 4.00%$40,000$50,000
Round 3 Launch$.02 Per Porteage4,000,000  Porteages 80,000 Giftcurrents4.00%$80,000$130,000 -5
Round 4$.04 per Porteage4,000,000  Porteages 160,000 Giftcurrents 4.00%$160,000290,000 – 5 – 20
Round 5 Activate Distribution and Exchange$.08  per Porteage4,000,000  Porteages 320,000 Giftcurrents 4.00%$320,000610,000 – 20 – 40
Round 6$.16   4,000,000  Porteages4.00%$640,0001,250,000 -40 -80
Round 7Priced $.32 per Porteage4,000,000 Porteages4.00%$1,280,0002,530,000 – 80 – 160
Round 8$.644,000,000 Porteages4.00%$2,560,0005,090,000 – 160 – 320
Round 9$1.284,000,000 Porteages4.00%$5,120,00010,210,000 – 320 – 640
Round 10$2.56  4,000,000 Porteages4.00%$10,240,00020,450,000 – 640 – 1280
Round 11$5.12  per Porteage4,000,000 Porteages4.00%$20,480,00040,930,000 – 1,280,000 – 2,560,000
Round 12$10.28 Per Porteage4,000,000 Porteages4.00%$40,960,00081,890,000 – 2,560,000 – 5,120,000 times 2
Total Raise CyclesEst. Average Value @ ROITotal Currents DisbursedPercentage DistributedValuation $10.28 each for all Total
12 46,000,000 Currents46.00%$1,028,000,000 

A first round initialing buyer will increase per each $1.00 to $2,048, a 248,000% rate of return through 12 rounds. Round 2 is a 124,000% return. Round 3 64,000% return. Round 4 32,000.

Plus Purchase bonuses

$       100+                                       05%
$       200+                                       10%
$       400+                                       15%
$        800+                                      20%
$       16000+                                  25%
$       32000+                                  30%
$       64000+                                  35%
$1,280,000+                                   40%
$2,560,000+                                  45%
$5,120,000+                                  50%

100% released from escrow according to completing developmental milestones.

Each Portex Crowd Valuation Offer will address in its development

  • Purpose of Portex and purpose of the Portex Agencies
  • Visionary Overview and Mission Statements
  • Porteage qualities and characteristics
  • Solutions and Products created by project
  • How are they implemented
  • How they Deploy. What is the market?
  • Milestone measurements
  • Detailed overview of the stages of development – Operating Expenses,
  • Team Players Scaling Numbers
  • Scaling Management and operations – Strategies and scope, Organization to implement token sets, Administrative Expenses
  • Wholonomic Contributors Co-creator’s Workship Retreats.
  • Teams using Currents once project is activated
  • Selling protocols
  • Buy-back strategies
  • Joint Venture Partners – How value shared. What our Keysets have to offer
  • How they interact with the project
  • History related to Porteage
  • Others similar and their results thus far
  • Industry and Marketplace and Customer Analysis
  • Marketing Strategies – Target Markets, Pricing, Distribution, Advertising and Promo, Sales, Forecasts
  • Development – Strategies, Timelines and milestones, Expenses
  • Financials – Assumptions, Forecasts, Capital Requirements, Risks, Exit Strategies
  • Offering Basis – Investment Requirements, How is Offer Valuated
  • References
  • The Service Platform                                                                    
  • Revenue Model                                                                                       
  • Distribution Model                                                                        
  • Development Plan and Software Specifications   
  • Financial Assumptions and Projections                                                       
  • Marketing and Promotion

Projected Approximate Use For Rounds 3 through 10

Marketing and Public Relations 5%
Operations 25%,
Infrastructure Development 30%
Development of market exchange 20%


27 times $81,890,000 through the 12 Rounds used for:

Coalescing Functions and Process for Sustainable Operation
Infrastructure Prototypes to develop and launch

Reconstructing and perfecting Project

Find and connect up Collabrateams

Colonize Communecology Locamids

Perfect Wholoship support tools

Attract massive resources

Complete Prototyping the I-vote Platform

Create Module Holo’Escrow Trusts

Attract Underwriting Reserves

 Holo’MUTEN – Mutual Exchange Network

Experiment with ways to valuate and encourage repucurrents  

Prototype and perfect Scales usage

Wolomid Coherogen Field of Potential as Wealth

Create and Distribute Appchange bypasses

Connect up and include Exchanges across the planet giving them conversion mechanisms

Interface Optimization

Organize, prototype, design and implement mass gatherings

Create Dashboards and other productivity tools

Publish blogs, articles, videos, comments. Discussing on public forums Gain Authority in the Age of Overload  

Video Development, Video Explanations and introductions

Media, Social Media, Press Release outreach

Renew cooperation as our basic social value

Evolve Prototypes

IperDtoken Passport allowing WholoTeams
to perform AML, KYC, suitability and accreditation verification once with a system validator and then utilize passport with other service providers in the ecosystem creating an enhanced, secure, and global compliance process improving IperDtoken protections and security, along with increased privacy of sensitive data.

We creatively raise up genius level skills and talent and connections aligned as globalized directors of change to implement Wholonomic Paradigms. We model new value space to heal our ancient rifts and wounds.

The Portex Hubsite

Each a hub, a landing spot to make the transactions happen – to make the purchasing occur.

A key element of that first page that every Portex gets includes a video.

A FRAMING video helps in building credibility and building a sense of trust amongst fans and followers and amongst the strangers that come to page.

Short framing– two to three minutes. Introduce who we are, introduce what we are doing, and have a clear call to action.

Important to have and to make those who visit your page realize what needs to get done – what needs to happen for this to get done. Create the perfect pitch environment by controlling the cognitive space.

Create Tagline –of page, widget, discover profile Images. An image of what we are doing, something interesting and descriptive.

The written project description where all the components come in—an introduction, what you are doing, why, always the most important – why people should be interested in what you are doing and why should they contribute. The purpose, the mission, the vision of what we are doing.

A clear call to action. The core portex description, and other parts, like financial goals, the rewards, the title.

The title catchy but also descriptive. The core components of any project. Communicating with our networks, being very clear in what we are doing and what we need from them. It involves checking up on your project on a daily basis, thanking those who contribute both privately and publicly through Facebook and otherwise.

Wholonomics Exchange Ecology.

Porteage will become tradable as a promise of action or store of value. They become liquid as we make a market and joint venture share with other operations.

Each Portex will address and codify during  first 3 valuation rounds

  • Purpose of Portex and purpose of each Porteage.
  • Visionary Overview and Mission Statements
  • Qualities and characteristics
  • Solutions and Products created by project
  • How implemented
  • How deployed. Market Milestone measurements
  • Detailed overview of the stages of development  
  • Operating Expense accounting Administrative Expenses
  • Team players scaling management and operations. Teams as project is activated
  • Strategies and scope
  • Organization to implement
  • Wholonomic Co-creator’s Holo’ship Retreats.
  • Offloading Token and Current protocols
  • Buy-back strategies
  • Joint Venture Partners – How value shared. What Porteage has to offer How  interact with the project
  • History and research related to Portex area. Other offers similar and their results thus far

Portex Sections address

  • Industry and Marketplace and Customer Analysis
  • Marketing Strategies – Target Markets, Pricing, Distribution, Advertising and Promo, Sales, Forecasts
  • Development – Strategies, Timelines and milestones, Expenses
  • Financials – Assumptions, Forecasts, Capital
  • Requirements, Risks, Exit Strategies
  • Offering Basis – Requirements, How is Offer Valuated
  • References
  • The Service Platform MUTEN – Holo Mutual exchange NetsWorth                                                                                   
  • Revenue Model and Distribution Model Development Plans and Software Specifications                                                   
  • Financial Assumptions and Projections Marketing and Promotion

We create crowd valuation operations as a gateway to us for the financial class to fund Wholonomics.

Crowd valuation is not an investment; it’s not a charity. It is a creative economy with rewards.

Currents can raise resources as cash, time, assets, enrolling others supporter-contributor, items or services, contributor offers.

Wholoship Volunteer-raising funding means this is more inclusive.

Revenue directly invested into the project including building the community.

Organized through portexes and sub-portexes with budgets for everything and tracking of progress. People can start related projects. Even blogs as their own current generators.

Even consumer centered wealth distribution.

Crowd valuation includes multiple means and methods of contribution including feedback from the market. Wholonomics exists to liberate us.

What are the fundamentals of our Crowd Valuation raises?



Create tagline

Teaser text

Full text summary

Create visuals

Create videos

Promote through networks

Maintain and update

Wholoships are open grassroots crowd valuation “Referral teams”.

Percentage of Porteages and Giftcurrents will be held as a commonwealth reserve.

Crowd Valuating is a shift in the democratization of value delivery.

The possibilities are limitless for people in developing economies to raise funds for local and regional projects. This could take the form of a community-based power grid, a farming co-op, or a fair-trade factory. The democratization of finance finally here.

Wholoships are open grassroot supporters for prototyping Wholonomics.

This is a creative economy, where Portex rewards are in return for volunteer consumer support.

All are global projects with easy contributing from all across the world. We create very sticky communities increasing cross-pollination between portex projects.

Each Locamid launch is complete in terms of video, rewards, photos, the core purpose. Our Communecologies are for the creatives by creatives, a grassroots approach to what we do.

The offer and rewards

Bounty programs are an integral part of digital marketing and promotion. Bounties take their origin from online gaming platforms that offer rewards for participating in their game development.

 Bounties are essentially incentivized reward mechanisms offered to individuals to introduce or improve a product or a service. They are offered rewards in exchange for performing certain tasks, a barter trade of sorts. They provide compensation for tasks spread across marketing, bug reporting or improving aspects of the  framework.

In our case, we issue Collabracurrents in exchange for completion of tasks that are tracked and rewarded through the dashboards. This are tied into each Portex and their development. We as the Bounty offerer give rewards in return for simple to more complex tasks.

Generally, the bounty earned by launching IperDtoken by bringing TokenHolders on board is in the form of the Referral Tokens (10% of the XAT) or by compensation related to building out their rings.

Bounties  can become a useful part of all  crowd valuation campaigns.

The reward is in the form of porteages. This has proven in ICO campaigns to be a massively conducive environment for bounty programs.

We offer great rewards and incentives.

Our Bounty Framework

We have pre and a post bounties.

Pre Bounty Program

Carried out before the actual launch. They are to get the buzz going and to give the launch an improved presence on social media. It is about creating awareness by getting the word-of-mouth going.

Informal advertising channels are utilized to increase market penetration. The aim is such participants going about carrying out various activities, the people in their circle begin to know more about us.

Social Media Campaign Bounties

This involves activities that promote on the social media accounts of participants. The rewards earned depend on the engagement levels generated by such posts. This can be in the form of retweets, likes, shares, views, and comments. The popular social media platforms used for bounty programs include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Article Writing Bounties

For participants who have blogs with a large number of followers and readers. Bounty programs offer rewards to bloggers to write featured articles on their blogs. Just like the social media bounty, the rewards are dependent on the engagement levels of the articles and blog posts.

Bitcointalk Signature Bounties

It is open to participants of the Bitcointalk forum. We release a signature with a code embedded in it. The ranking of the participants who post this signature determines the Porteage amount they are credited.

Post Bounty Programs

The round has been completed and funds have been raised. Now, it’s about making improvements based on community suggestions. Post bounty programs are aimed at improving feedback from the project community.

Translation Campaign Bounties

This involves translating documents pertaining to the project as well as moderating different forum groups. It is the perfect bounty program for native speakers of languages like Japanese, French, Spanish, Dutch, and German etc. The common translation activities include the website, white paper and the Bitcointalk thread.

Bug Reporting Bounties

Apart from being an effective bounty campaign activity, bug reporting also helps the developers. A good bug report clearly and concisely identifies issues.

There isn’t a hard and fast rule as concerns the activities for Pre and Post campaigns. We set aside a percentage of the supply for the bounty program..

Getting Token Holders Involved in Bounties

Bounty programs are a great way to get participation and earn. Most of the activities aren’t too technical in nature as they rely on common internet activities and interactions.

The allure of getting free porteage for promotional activities is something to appeal to crypto hobbyists.

We have to be careful here as bounty programs have come under scrutiny from some financial regulators like the United States SEC. The reason for this is that bounty programs essentially encourage people to participate in a commodity that has a financial risk. .In our case there is not risk as they are rewards for Holomid activity

The main point of the SEC’s scrutiny is based upon the Howey Test and how it applies to bounty programs. That profits come from the efforts of a third-party promoter, the participant in the bounty, then the bounty campaign constitutes an investment contract transaction. This, therefore, means that almost all bounty-promoted tokens are in fact securities, and are therefore subject to the SEC’s securities regulations.

What is it that people are getting as their reward? Innovation, newness, excitement, participation, fun, adventure, expression, community, exchanging, stretching.

What is the mindset of the giver? Not exactly the same as a donation, not really a charitable donation, but does have gift-giving aspects.

Digital task boards, white boards created and used and updated real time. Team token holders complete results and are rewarded with Collabrocurrents redeemable for Wellbeing Gift Currents.

Currents equals results equals Gift Currents completing through actions.

Rewards three ways.

Product, a service – a consulting or a web development, or any sort of service, offer classes, instructions, workshops. Also experiences more into the creative. Musicians and filmmakers use this. Ticket to an event or a meeting of some sort, or an inspirational moment, a lunch or a dinner provide an intimate experience for those who contribute.

Different levels of rewards. Monetize very efficiently whole network. Some don’t have the means to give $50 or $100 and some can give thousands, but if we offer a Gift Current reward they’ll gladly give that. THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS THEY CAN CREATE CURRENTS BY CONTRIBUTION OF THEIR BEING THROUGH ANY NUMBER OF CHANNELS.

There’s people who will want to contribute to what we are doing and really feel inspired about what is being created that might want to give a little bit more. We leverage different types of people to contribute in different ways.

Gives the power to contributors to have an impact to what we are accomplishing. Intimacy gives stimulation to give more.

Way to test the market and to test the viability our approaches.

Motivation to fund doing it out of good will. Or doing because they are just buying a product.

They’re saying, “I’m going to donate $25 dollars, and I’m going to get a cake out of it.”

Components drive the motivation.

The first component is the project inspiring positive impact to the world.

Also the persons behind the scene, who is the person doing this. Funders want to know who we are. They want to see what we’re about and they want to see and to be inspired by our story. So first is the project and the person and network behind the project.

The second part is the GREATER network. Typically, friends and family is the first kind of immediate network or the first followers. They’ll give no matter what. Their inspiration or motivation is to help the founder.  WE TAP THIS BY HAVING THE PROMOTER REPRESENT WHOLONOMICS AS THEIR THING.

The second degree network to friends, family, broader acquaintances… they’re a little bit more interested on the product. They’re a little bit more interested in what we have to offer and how you are going about in selling it.

The third degree networks are the complete strangers. THEY CAN BE THE MOST INTERESTED PARTIES. They are also the most interested in the rewards themselves and the concept overall.

The third pillar are the Porteages with the rewards and potential they offer.

They have an intimate VALUE component to them, because we are OFFERING trust, RAISING TRUST, and trust in our ability to fulfill OUR GOALS – to fulfill what WE ARE raising funds for. WE ARE ON A JOURNEY THEY ARE PART OF AND ARE THE JOURNEY THEMSELVES.

“We are going to give you so much worth in the future if you give us financing now,” Perceived value is equal to what you are asking for.

The perceived value on an emotional level fit within a schema that people have in terms of value.

We don’t need to incorporate these discounts when these kinds of intimate things are incorporated.

Ability to upsell – to have different levels of products and services.

Classic things that every business owneris actually everything that any business should actually be doing regardless of whether they need funding or not.

Novel way of making a lot of these things that have existed for tens or maybe even hundreds of years come together mechanism that allows both building a new audience and leveraging the network.

Provide an integrated platform that leverages Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social networks.

see how it works, to figure out what kind of message works with network. Key is a lot of traffic, viral spreading a message that reaches many. Mechanisms to spread the word, email, Facebook, Twitter etc.

The messages that work most successfully are the ones where they highlight the journey. Bringing our network along through the journey, to help build this into something,

Begging and asking for money less successful than saying – this is an exchange. It’s a fair kind of barter system, but also a way to get involved and go on the journey to make this a reality.

Followers take ownership themselves and start spreading it to their friends and families.

Gets powerful – when you have more than one owner, multiple owners of project who want to see it succeed. Getting followers to message it out to their followers.

Make it easy to share comments – to share on Facebook, and so forth.

Our successful campaigns are based on a reciprocal exchange. Someone fuels or contributes to project, we thank them, thank them publicly. Thank them on Twitter and thank them on Facebook.

A very smart way of letting their network know that this person is a great – that they contributed to portex, but also, making their network aware that this exists, the public display of gratitude and public communication.

Be accessible as a Visionary  throughout entire journey.

Thanking works. When someone contribu-joins contact them and thank them.

Messaging works, what works is getting them involved and showing them the bigger picture.

Having story and vision is critical to any new VENTURE. WE use that to hire a great management team etc. Critical to amplify while the novelty is high.

It’s about the purpose. Agree with WHOLONOMICS purpose for existence.

It’s a whole lot easier to have the contributors be owners of project.

Specifics of how WE post to fund Key elements are. First is the project.

Then a more intimate thing, where we talk about accomplishments, where been and where going. the background that’s in every communication on the sit