Portex 26 Civilization 3.0

Civilization Meta-history Simplified

Civilization 1.0 Tribalonomics more ancient than we realize was largely a Lost Golden Age of relative tribal harmony and mostly abundance. Tribalonomics has an inherent living in Harmony with The Whole.

This was gradually replaced by Civilization 2.0, Pyranomics.  War thirsty connected bloodlines Apexed themselves atop a new class system cementing in the Space a new Paradigm of Pyranomics, with power concentrated into the pyramid apex.

They looted the wealth of the Civilization 1.0  centers. They destroyed their lineages. They took from them their ancient connections to Earth Wisdom and Source.

Esoteric knowledge as to the nature of reality early “Pyrasites” hid from humanity.

They built secret networks of connection and power to control the rest.

So What is Civilization 3.0?

Pyranomics and the The Collapse of Complex Civilization

Pyranomics  needs to be transformed reaching a tipping point in public opinion.

People are not rioting over the unwillingness of this government to provide healthcare.

People aren’t rioting over the toxification of the total environment and their loved ones dying of cancer.

They’re not rioting over the United States spending billions of dollars-billions and billions of dollars to kill people all over the world. One of the smartest political moves that a politician makes is increasing the military budget.

So we are left with only one option.

Pyranomics must be undone completely. That’s an absolute necessity. Humanity lived without Pyranomics for most of its existence. It is killing the planet with its insasable thirst to convert Real Value into Money to feed the Beast that Pyranomics has become.  The planet (and sustainable human existence) is more important than Pyranomics.

Civilization 3.0 DRAFT

Becoming a Cosmic Species

 What is the scope of this project?

    Creating a New Civilization is act of will so this is not automatic

What to be accomplished


                        Use of Funds

    Why this is important

            Saving from catastrophic events



    Create an integrative view of Futique Technology

    Focus on Technologies needing massive research and development

            IQ Liberation – Average Planetary  IQ 170

            Space industry


            Super AI

            Free Energy

            Anti Gravity

Elemental Transmutation

            Magnetic field control

            Radiation protection and transmutation

             From Pyranomics to Wholonomics

            Social and cultural and economic evolution

            Merging of Man and Machine options and dangers


            Population Stability


The next thousand years and planetary terraforming

 With a focus on

Concentrating Solar Energy for Terraforming Purposes

CLEAN THIS UP REMOVING REDUNDENCIES This project is about long-term survival of the humankind. Extinction for humanity is inevitable if we don’t expand to Space and other planets or star systems. Extinction events such as our aging Sun aging becoming bigger and hotter frying us and asteroid strikes. If we don’t migrate to other planets or planetary systems we as a species are doomed. If we do not expand to other Planetary Systems – our extinction is absolutely 100% guaranteed because stars born, live and die just like humans. Supernova explosions, black holes, encounters with alien civilizations, and many other larger scale events, not well-known yet, can destroy us as a biosphere – so we are never safe, but the more we proliferate faster the more chances for long-term future, infinite population growth and power, we have.

I am enrolling into the first PhD in Extraterrestrial Terraforming. I have come to the USA from Russia where I worked over 7 years on increasing material cycle closure of bio technical life support systems for long-term spaceflight. For the last 6 years I have been spending my free time developing my passion, terraforming theory while searching for opportunities to be able to devote full-time on my passion.

No school in Russia was ready support this subject area. After years of search where I applied for 14 top PhD programs. I have finally gotten admitted to >>>>>> in the USA for terraforming research.

I am on F1 Visa status in USA so I not allowed to work more than 20 hours on campus. My Graduate Assistantship does not even cover tuition, let alone my housing – I can barely pay the cheapest rent with the money I was able to borrow.

If I don’t get more support – all my bold research during many years will be put on hold. 

I intend to make Extraterrestrial Terraforming an academically recognized field of study thereby attracting more resources and qualified associates for deeper development and attract funding by universities, grants.

Dr. Ahmad Bani Younes at San Diego State University has highly relevant experience in high precision trajectories calculations for spacecraft Guidance Navigation and Control, sensors, and more. He is expert in a wide area of practical Space Engineering and wants to help with some of the most difficult parts of the problem that is my primary technical interest – find ways to increase tracking precision over interplanetary distance. He has accepted me to the SDSU-UCSD Space Engineering Joint PhD Program to supervise my research.

Extraterrestrial terraforming is such a big, complex multi-disciplinary field, that developing fundamental scientific theory, mathematical modeling and engineering design will take several years.  Accomplishing this will make the topic much more sound and credible attracting qualified workforce and resources, from governments and private agencies with published and academically recognized scientific theory.

I plan to devote my life to advancing scientific and engineering development, and the global discussion on scaling-up terraforming research and development.


With your support we will

build a dedicated website on this subject.

Create social media promotion,

organise conferences,

writing and publishing peer-to-peer reviewed scientific articles and books,

taking Terraforming to academia

and making a free MOOC ????? available worldwide,

building and leading a dedicated cohesive growing global research team on full-scale Terraforming.

During the next 3 years

a book about “survival plan for humankind” in 1000+ year prospective showing our probable future scenarios will be written, and sent to our awesome donors.

Our research project timeframe is 5-7 years, to develop a comprehensive scientific and justified engineering design of terraforming. The fundamental Terraforming theory will be mature enough to promote to the public. REWORD

With full-scale Terraforming we will create vast opportunities for infinite expansion.

numbers of effectively interacting working population.

Velocity of transportation,

computational speed,

steel production,

and a lot of other productivity parameters grow exponentially from numbers of global population corresponding to that historic time.

The more Biosphere Substrates we Terraform in more Planetary Systems –

the more surface,

population, workforce,



ideas generation

and testing rate,

organizational potential,

scientific-technological progress

we can have, the faster we can grow our numbers and proliferate to larger and larger scale, which creates more productive capacities to have more proliferation: both increase and decrease of a population numbers and areas have positive feedback loops, self-accelerating.

Limitless we can do when we have many full-scale Terraformed biospheres in multiple Planetary Systems

My concentration is on showing the use of concentrated beamed stellar power as an energy source allowing optimal surface chemical composition on any Biosphere;

adjust planetary rotation thus day-length, including tilt;

and strengthen planetary magnetic fields to hold the atmosphere from being blown away fast by solar wind and radiation;

even increase sizes and assemble terrestrial planets from smaller objects like asteroids.

If more efficient futuristic technologies for propulsion and power will be developed and experimentally proven to sufficiently scale up feasible and economically include into our program

This is the basis of any future, Terraforming and Cosmic Expansion. Planetary defense from asteroids is just one of many by-products of the technology development.

Our present is the result of our past decisions, our future is the result of our present decisions, and every decision has long-term consequences.

Donate to the 1000 year survival plan.

Developing scientific theory and strategy for full-scale Terraforming,

providing a solid basis for further large-scale high-level academic and mass-media discussion,

to attract influential players for scaling up Terraforming research and Engineering much faster.

Funds will be used

towards the SDSU-UCSD Space Engineering PhD Program under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bani Younes,

getting the Universities networking opportunities, to attract time and interest of world’s leading research scientists in the field to collaborate on the Topic, and academic recognition making it easier for other funding agencies to support scientists willing to work on full-scale Terraforming.

Funds will be used for


mass media promotion of the Topic,

and attracting more







and other influential people

for development of Terraforming research and mass media awareness, building Terraforming research team globally.

Funds will be used for publishing scientific papers, and other advancement of the topic.

Regular reports on the use of funds will be provided to supporters.

Please share the link as wide as possible. Mass media exposure gives not only more money and resources but also more awareness, attention, workforce, understanding, public support and proliferation, vital for the Topic development.

Glad to establish personal contacts with people interested in Terraforming and Cosmic Expansion. If you have any questions – glad to answer.

Please act now.

Thank you.

What is the scope of this project?

    Terraforming is act of will this is not automatic

    What to be accomplished


                        Use of Funds

    Why this project is important

            Saving from catastrophic events



    Create an integrative view of technology

    Technologies needing massive development

            Space industry


            Super AI

            Free Energy

            Anti Gravity

            Magnetic field control

            Radiation protection

            Social and cultural and economic evolution

            Merging of Man and Machine


Contributor receives

            Ongoing reports as to progress

            For $10 – Author’s personal contacts and guaranteed 1 response.

 For $30 – Handwritten letter of thanks.

 For $100 – T-shirt with logo.

 For $300 – A dinner together or an hour Zoom meeting is far from each other.

            For $1000 – Limited edition of book.

             For $3000 – Personal friendship and weekly reports on the progress during the Program.

             For $10000 – Strategic partnership, discussed individually.


Terraforming in literature

    Olaf Stappelton

`            Odd John

Terraforming in Cinema

    Star Trek

    The Expanse

About the Crowd Funder

    From Russia

    Studied at …

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