Portex 3

Portex 3  Scales of Value Tokensets

Balance Beams with two main rating measurements. 

Keyset 1 HoloScale Tokens  –  Environmental Values

Keyset 2 WoloScale Tokens –  Social and Subjective Values

A natural crowdsourcing redistributing of responsibility by assessing scales of inner and outer costs for all products and their creative processes and including this into the pricing mechanisms.

Costs formerly passed to the environment and the human psychic dimension accounted for in all production and included in the Currents Cost.

Moral and economic incentives align in greater harmony.

We design a coherent operational tokenized space where economic/well-being contradictions disappear. Where Life Capital consumption is fundamentally included.

Portexes are grounded in Civilization Innovation that includes technical, scientific, artistic, social and economic innovation.

The term Portex has a cryptographic provenance or history. 



The Portex was originally the name of a British cipher (crypto) machine used by the secret services from the late 1940s to the early 1950s to securely relay messages.

 A Wholonomic Portex means “Portal Vortex”, a portal channel of delivery of a higher power or potency linking through an active field of livingness, a vortex.

Wholonomic PorTexes are Portal Vortex Catalysts and Containers for Actuating Token Keysets and Current Keysets. They are “Cryptochannel CoHeroGen Wealth Generators”.

“A Portal Vertex Rotor”

The rotor represents linking and aligning teams, blogs, trainings, projects, communications….to connecting together in a correcting evolution.

So we can decode solutions.


To change the world we need us to solve  problems. Whether on a personal scale, like creating perfectly fitted clothing, or on a larger scale together,  transployment solutions to unemployment from robotics or economic factors.   Or, on a vaster scale, grounding the foundations of a post-Pyranomic (pyramid) Paradigm.

We have an opportunity here to create something that really matters.

Some Wholonomic Benefits

  • Open source wealth dehoarding movement, eliminating scarcity by natural redistribution of valuation

  • Sustainable portex activity through re-valuational protocols.

  • Reduced competition and predatory behaviors by shifting the foundations of human contact and social contracts.

  • Optimizing flows of real wealth across the planet at local and global levels through decentralized distribution of worth across scale.

  • Incentives for people to focus on meaningful activities and sharing.

  • Useful products and services with lessened negative social and environmental impacts.

    Deactivation of consumer market’s useless products pushed through illusionary marketing. Favors durable consumer products over short-range planning in the production of short-lived disposable junk.

Wholonomics do not require perpetual economic growth to sustain itself in direct contrast with Pyranomics which can only exist under conditions of perpetual growth based on lower dimensional constructs that are inherently highly entropic.

The science and art of wholeness addresses the fundamental  preconditions for planetary well-being so to liberate and protect the human capacity for beauty, joy and compassion.

We find our ability to bring greater love into our lives in a healthy way. Connection with people we care about is huge. Loneliness and alienation is one the biggest problem we seldom discuss.

Portex organizes sets of Porteages (portex agencies) interconnecting to other Portexes and the Whole (World) to fulfill objectives of Wholonomics users and tokenholders and that of each Portex.  

IOU value contracts represent rights and obligations between the Portex Agencies and Token Holders.

Portex Agencies have properties, instructions and purposes held by portex supporters.

Portex Agencies are active deliverers of value through channel distribution.

  • An issuer, say Wholonomics

  • Exists on a substrate say a Blockchain that ensures its security and validity what is behind it

  • A system from where it is meaningful

  • Has a value to someone. Smartchain Porteage are actual fiscal entities, backed by tangible assets or the Xat development flow of the Portex.

  • Ways to use the Porteages for goods and services exchange or for a storage of value

  • Standard to measure from such as Millaurum and SolaMid.

  • Role is either Active or Passive.

  • A passive plays the role of holding, absorbing and mediating value, may collect rents on held reserves.

  • An active is a medium that can accomplish things, enabling its holder to do more and more things as we build more and more features into our currents through business logic.

    • Active porteages can be utilitarian API app keys.

  • Is of limited or unlimited supply

  • How does Localizing Porteages atomize to add Utilitarian Value?

    • What are the Divisibility and Issuing conditions of Tokens and Currents? How is it Divisible, easily divided into fractions?

    • Scalability and how it can build community

  • Is Equity or has No Equity

  • Fee-paying or non-fee paying token, current or note.

  • Defined Transferability conditions

What Flow Model for the Current is Used?

  • Is it Straight line, from source to sink created for a single purpose and destroyed when used.

  • Does it act as a currency in the system where the system providers send them back to the cashier to exchange them.

  • Is it Circular exchanging as a flow?

  • Are they Passes or Coupons or Tickets?

What other conditions need to be addressed before issuing the Porteage DNA?

  • What is their Payloads Delivery Method and Vehicle?

  • Are they are transferable or non transferable? How are they identical or unique?

  • Are they stored in the Global Smartchain and in a local Genichain?

  • Policy Aspects for Portex and Porteage Determined

  • Portex connectivity

  • Forks, Yes, No or even relevant

  • Asset Policies

  • Fiscal Policies

  • Fungibility validations

  • Distribution Structures

  • What makes it durable by maintaining value?   What is it’s intrinsic value?

  • How is it Convenient?

  • What makes it Consistent?

Currents are syntropic order self organizing value distributors expressing functions and objectives.

Tokens can hold or carry property values, rights, and obligations of the whole enabling actors to do things, to act as or delegate project functions.

Porteage and GiftCurrents are smart utilities managing the logic and maintaining values while building more and more Utilities into the Wholonomic Ecology.

Portexes focus multiple projects with related sets of key tools to achieve beneficial results.

Portex Supporters are themselves the users, designers and decision makers. They issue and run the Smart Contracts and Portex Operations.

A primary intent is to provide risk free facilities for wealth generation and distribution through the entire supply and consumption chains.

As the Crowd Valuation Campaigns appreciate in value, they will draw the attention of early speculators, developers and entrepreneurs who will want to become holders of the protocols and become financially invested in its success.

Some early adopters may build products and services around the protocols, recognizing that its success will further increase the value of their Token Holdings.

Some types of Flows of Value:

Bitcoin                      (transactions)
Ether                         (computing power)
Sia                              (file storage)

Porteages                (Whole Values)

Wholonomics has 27 unique Portexes raising $81,890,000 each through 12 Revaluation Rounds.

Raises to be used to prototype and implement the PorTex protocols.

GCO GiftCurrent Offer Initially distributes to  Holders 10,000,000 out of 1,000,000,000 Porteage Units to each of the 27 PorTexes or a total distributed 270,000,000 Porteage out of 27,000,000,000 issued.

This seeds the PorTex and starts up the underlying PorTex design teams.

The fiat exchange value is structured to double every raise round as the PorTex Projects activate and become implemented.

Dimension Zero is the Portex archetype.

Humanitys PorTex Benefits

Open Source Wealth without scarcity.

PorTex founding of sustainable transvolutionary projects.

Reduced competition and predatory behaviors by shifting the foundations of human contact and contracts.

Optimizing flows of wealth across the planet at local and global levels through right distribution of value and values.

Incentives for people to focus on meaningful activities and sharing useful products and services with lessened negative social and environmental impacts.

70% deactivation of consumer market’s useless products pushed through illusionary marketing.

Scales Valuation Co-efficient
Wholoteam Collabracurrents
other Portex Issues


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